Database performance issues and outages

As you may be aware the current DGDT/PDP database used for the delivery of Dangerous Goods Driver Training (DGDT) and the Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) schemes has experienced performance issues and service outages in recent times. We have been monitoring the DGDT/PDP database and on-line examination service on a daily basis in order to investigate how to improve performance of the service.

What are we doing about it?

We have been working closely with our external software provider to establish a solution to improve the experience for all candidates and training providers accessing the DGDT/PDP database. To this end, SQA and our software provider will be undertaking development of a new technology platform and database system to deliver DGDT and PDP.

When is this happening?

Preparations have already begun and our technical development will begin, in earnest, on 22nd January 2018. Development of a new technology platform is a significant undertaking, however, we will be developing the new database through an agile sprint project methodology enabling us to deliver in a prompt, yet, realistic timeframe. We are aiming for a go live of our new technology platform in the summer of 2019.

What does this mean for you?

The current DGDT/PDP database will remain available until development on our new database has been completed and testing finished to a satisfactory level. Stakeholders are advised to continue to use the current DGDT/PDP database until further notification.

We will continue to send communications with updates during the development period of the new DGDT/PDP database. More specific information regarding timelines for release of our new software will be communicated within future updates.

We wish to thank you for your continued patience during our upcoming development of a new technology platform for DGDT/PDP.

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