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To qualify for an ADR Driver Training Certificate, drivers must undertake a course of training at a centre approved by the Department for Transport and pass the examinations relevant to the classes of dangerous goods to be carried. A centre should be approached in order to find out the cost of training and the availability of courses. For a list of approved training providers please see our downloads section.

An ADR Driver Training Certificate is valid for five years from the date of issue. This can be extended during the final twelve months of validity for a further period of five years, from the date of expiry, by the holder undertaking and passing the appropriate refresher training and examinations. To ensure that the examinations can be marked and certificate issued prior to current expiry date, you must have a minimum of five weeks until expiry left on your licence on the date of your last examination.

Each ADR driver training photo card certificate contains a unique Candidate Registration Number. If a candidate has a problem with his/her photo card certificate, he/she should seek the assistance from the approved training provider.