Training Providers

How does a Training Provider become an approved centre to run ADR courses?

If you e-mail us at adr@sqa.org.uk, we will send you out the Application pack with all the relevant information - this will include an Application form, The Manual of Practice and approval process guidelines or you can download the appropriate form and Manual from the download section of the Training Provider page.

Can any Training Provider conduct courses for Class 1 and/or 7?

Before being permitted to run courses leading to the issue of an ADR Driver Training Certificate, you must hold a Notice of Approval issued by the Department for Transport. Training Providers nominate Instructors to run courses for them when they apply for initial approval. The approval letter lists the modules that they are permitted to conduct. If you are already an Approved Training Provider and wish to add class 1 and/or 7 please upload all relevant documents as per The Manual of Practice and contact SQA for approval.

I would like to cancel a course that has already been booked. What should I do?

Contact SQA immediately and we will cancel the course on your behalf, informing the verifier if there is a visit planned.

I am running a course less than 7 days prior to the start date. What should I do?

Download the 'Less than 7 days notification form' from the document library, complete all the details including the reason and email this to SQA. SQA will upload the course and inform you of the course number for you to upload the candidate details.

When do candidate details need to be added to a course within the database?

Training Providers should have all the details for candidates uploaded as soon as possible, the latest acceptable date for enrolling candidates is the notified start date of the training course.

A candidate has been enrolled for a course but has not turned up. Can he/she be deleted?

Contact SQA before sending in examination materials with the details and they will delete the candidate. This is to ensure that you are not invoiced for this candidate and your exam matrix is accurate.

If candidates details are not fully completed within the database will the Training Provider be notified?

It is the responsibility of the Training Provider to ensure that all candidate details are complete and accurate in the candidate enrolment section of the database. Failure to do so will delay the publication of results and issuing of the ADR photo card certificate. If a candidates record is incomplete there will be a red warning sign displayed on the candidates record and within the candidate tab of the course.

Why do resits have to be entered as a separate 'exam only' course, instead of being added to either an Initial or Refresher Course?

This allows the candidates to attend only the exam and not the training. If the candidate is registered on a main Initial or Refresher Course, and an external verifier conducts a visit, he would expect to see all of the candidates. It allows the resit candidate to only attend on the exam date and also avoids any discrepancies

Do SQA send reminder letters for candidates nearing their expiry date?

This is not a service we provide. It is the candidate's responsibility to make sure their card does not expire.

How can I find out from SQA what stage the answer sheets are at which I have submitted?

The Training Providers can access and view the status of each course at any time. Please see the stage of each status:

Material received: SQA have received exam response material

Printing: Results are now available to view and SQA is in the process of printing photo cards.

Published: Photo cards have been printed. Candidates should receive photo cards 8 working days from published date.

Training Providers should only contact SQA if they cannot view results 20 working days from receipt of exam material. Online course results can be viewed immediately after course completion.

How can I add a variation course to my list of courses?

Please upload your proposed course into the programmes tab. Email SQA to inform them of your new proposed course along with details of which pre-approved programme this is a variation of. They in turn will contact your verifier to review the course for suitability and a decision will be made. The course cannot be run unless approval is granted.

How do I get a new instructor approved at my centre?

If you require a new instructor to be approved please upload their details to the appointee tab along with all relevant supporting documents as outlined in the Manual of Practice. Once this has been completed please contact SQA and we will in turn contact your verifier who may or may not be required to visit your premises to observe the instructor.

Who can I talk to if I have a problem navigating the database or experience system issues?

Contact SQA in the first instance for advice and guidance.


When can I refresh my current ADR certificate?

The Regulations permit candidates who have held an ADR Driver Training Certificate for a minimum of four years to attend refresher training. To ensure that a candidate's training and examinations can be processed in good time to issue a refreshed ADR Driver Training Certificate, the candidate must have a minimum of SIX weeks left from the date of their last examination to the expiry of their current certificate. If successful the candidate's expiry date will be 5 years from the current expiry displayed on the ADR photocard certificate. Candidates for refresher training may only receive training on the modules covered by their existing ADR Driver Training Certificate.

As an alternative, a candidate may attend refresher training more than twelve months before the date of expiry of their ADR Driver Training Certificate and attempt the approved examination. If successful, a new ADR Driver Training Certificate will be issued. However the expiry date will be five years from the date when the examination was published, as opposed to five years from current date of expiry.

Only candidates who are entitled to attend refresher training may attend.

Can I add classes to my current ADR Certificate?

Yes. You can add additional classes to your current ADR Certificate by attending the relevant training course and passing the appropriate examinations. A new ADR Driver Training Certificate will then be issued with the same date of expiry as the original one. The additions will only be valid until this date, and can be refreshed along with the rest of the ADR Driver Training Certificate.

Where are candidate ADR Photocard certificates sent to?

The photocard will be issued to the address held at the time on the candidate record within the database. There is no stipulation that the address provided is that of the candidate; however SQA do not condone Training Providers withholding candidate photo card certificates as a means of debt management.

I have changed my address after receiving my ADR photocard certificate, do I need to notify SQA?

Although a candidate's address no longer appears on the ADR photocard certificate, it is always best practice to update address details by contacting the SQA.

I have lost my ADR certificate. Can I get a replacement?

Yes, there is a charge of £10 for this service; you should contact SQA for more details, or alternatively download the replacement form from the download section of the website.

Is the ADR Qualification levelled

No this qualification has not been credit rated on the SCQF or QCF. This is a standalone qualification

I have received my ADR photocard and my name has been spelt incorrectly what do I do?

Please contact your training provider in the first instance as SQA produce photocards on the basis of the information that your training provider has supplied.