Extension to DGDT Remote Delivery

The Dangerous Goods Unit here at DfT have extended the remote delivery of Dangerous Goods Driver Training authorisation. This authorisation (no. 1013) will come into effect from 1 January 2023 until 31 December 2024 unless withdrawn or otherwise revoked, and authorisation 1007 remains in place until the end of 31 December 2022. You can find more information at the below links:

For context, discussions have been underway at Joint Meeting level to explore the possibility of introducing e-learning, along with other types of delivery methods e.g. remote delivery, online training etc. For more details on the latest discussions, please refer to:

This extension is intended to provide flexibility in order to help you continue providing Dangerous Goods training to drivers, with in person delivery still an option. Thank you for your ongoing contribution to UK road safety.

The team would like to thank everyone who has already provided feedback on the remote delivery of ADR driver training, and we continue to welcome any further feedback that you wish to share.