Existing DGDT Training Provider

Applications for amendments to Approval Notice

If you wish to add to modules, or in any other way amend the conditions covered under an existing approval, you must do this by e-mailing SQA at adr@sqa.org.uk

Training Providers do not require approval for each new training venue where they wish to conduct training. The suitability of training venues will be maintained under your own internal quality assurance processes. You must notify SQA when you add a new site.

Course Venues and Classrooms

Course Venues

Training providers who conduct training at locations must take detailed care to ensure that all venue quality requirements are met. Further details can be found in the Manual of Practice.


Classrooms must be large enough to accommodate the instructor, aids, equipment and candidates in comfort. The recommended minimum permitted size is ten square metres, plus two square metres for each candidate.

There must be room for the instructor to set up all the necessary equipment and to arrange any demonstrations or exercises, and there must be enough room to accommodate an External Verifier or Invigilator at their own desk and chair.

Candidates must be comfortably seated, and must have a desk or table on which they can refer to hand-outs and take notes. They must be able to see and hear the instructor and any presentation slides, demonstrations or videos.

There must be sufficient electrical sockets to run all of the equipment in safety, and there must be adequate lighting, heating and ventilation.

Classrooms must be free from external distraction.

Instructors (Appointees)

Approved courses may only be run by instructors (appointees) who are qualified to teach the modules that they are conducting, and who are approved to train for the training provider delivering the course.
Instructors conducting courses covering Core, Practicals, Packages, Classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 and the Tanker specialism, must meet the following standards to be approved:

  1. Hold a current ADR Driver Training Certificate covering the modules on which they are required to instruct
  2. Hold a recognised qualification as a trainer or instructor of adults, or provide evidence of substantial experience of preparing and running courses for adults on job related topics, in a formal classroom environment, and
  3. Demonstrate that they have substantial operational experience of the transport of the dangerous substances for which training is to be conducted either:
    • in a managerial/supervisory capacity, or
    • as a driver/operative, or
    • provide evidence in the form of a qualification e.g. a current Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Vocational Training Certificate, or
    • demonstrate substantial experience relevant to the training to be covered that, in the opinion of the Department or SQA, is of an equivalent or superior standard
  4. Equivalence may also be achieved through the successful completion of a formal training course covering operational and instructional matters. This involves a number of assessments of knowledge and ability that have been recognised in advance by the Department or SQA.

Publication of examination results

The results for online examinations will be available immediately after the completion of all examinations for the course. The results for paper-based examinations will normally be available on the database within 20 working days of receipt of accurately completed examination materials.